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Charity Dinner

Dine with scholars in education and charity.

Stand at the frontier of industry and academia.

Engage. Be inspired.


Charity Dinner is an annual event held by Spring Foundation at UC Berkeley. We invite leading scholars in the field of education and charity organizations to dine with Berkeley students. Each year, the event sheds light on one commonly discussed topic on social infrastructures, in which guest speakers share their insights through presentations and interviews.


With Charity Dinners, we hope to create a platform where we can initiate conversations on the pressing issues in education and facilitate intellectual exchange, and by building connections between aspiring students and educational and industrial pioneers, we strive to build a community of insightful contributors and changemakers in institutions and society.


We have started our preparation for the 2021 Charity Dinner, which will be held by mid-May. Stay tuned for this year’s speakers and topic; they will be announced soon!

Past Events


2021: Stay tuned!


2018: Learn to Do or Do to Learn

FutEd Poster_edited.jpg

2017: Futuristic Education

Flyer (front)_edited.jpg

2016: Transformative Charity

cover photo-15_edited.jpg

2015: Inspiration to Adaptation


2014: Many World, One Cause 

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