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Read with Me



And grow.

About Read with Me

Read with Me is a monthly online reading program that connects one volunteer to one child in rural China. Every week during the program, volunteers connect with their little reading partners to discuss their reading material and provoke insights from their students. By the end of the program, each volunteer will get to forms long-lasting, intimate bonds with their little partner. When the program ends, students design bookmarks and write letters as gifts to the volunteers.

The program calls attention to the lack of academic motivation and exchange of ideas for children in rural China, many considered to be "left-behind children", who are relatively cut off from the rapidly-changing world outside their living environment. We want to encourage them to step out of their comfort zone and guide them, step by step, to explore the world through literary engagement through reading amazing short stories as well as meaningful conversations with our volunteers with diverse backgrounds and experiences. We are now working to connect with another Chinese school to initiate yet another Read with Me project! Stay tuned for our updates!

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