General Question

  • How can I become a member of the Spring Foundation? What kind of applicants does Spring Foundation hope?


  • We start recruiting new members at the beginning of every semester. We hope that applicants be passionate and self-motivated to work and commit,  be creative to come up with new ideas to promote charity, and be interactive and treat our community as a family.


  • What makes Spring Foundation different? What will I gain from Spring Foundation?


  • Spring Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization certified by the Associated Students of the University of California. Spring Foundation is the only charity organization at UC Berkeley that dedicates to improve the living standards and education accessibilities of underprivileged children in rural China.


  • At Spring Foundation, you will obtain the opportunities for leadership in project management, marketing, business development, and communications. Besides, Spring Foundation will hold helpful workshops every week. You will learn many useful skills for your career paths, such as essay writing, resume editing, photography/film producing, and IT skills. Also, you will gain abundant resources from our elder graduate members who work in JP Morgan, Google, and other famous companies.


  • Can I participate in the club activities even if I miss the application date?


  • Of course, you can! Every year, Spring Foundation organizes various on-campus events at UC Berkeley, such as charity dinners, project incubations, and Rose Selling. What’s more, Spring Foundation holds a summer campaign to teach the underprivileged children in rural China, which is a great opportunity for all the applicants.


  • What opportunities do I have in  Spring Foundation to develop my leadership?


  • Spring Foundation adopts a flat management mode. Every member has the chance to become a project leader. In different projects, you will personally lead an energetic team, work with your teammates, and finally contribute to charity in the rural area. Your voices always get heard and your efforts will be translated into visible outcomes!

Summer Visit

  • What is the location of  Summer Visit? How long is it?


  • In the past, Spring Summer's summer visits were often one week in length, usually from late May to July. In the future, we will reschedule the time to increase the communication between volunteers and students, which gives the volunteer a satisfactory teaching experience.


  • There is no specific location of the school and varies every year, but we strive to negotiate with summer schools and it would be held in fixed schools or regions for the long term to ensure continuity of our work.


  • Do I have to join the Spring Foundation to participate in the summer education activities?


  • You don’t have to! Any Spring Foundation activities are open to all college students. As long as you have passion, we are willing to provide a platform to support your teaching!


  • What cooperation institutions does Spring Foundation connect with?


  • Spring Foundation is committed to long-term support for the education and life of children in poverty areas in China. It has cooperated with many foundations such as the Amity Foundation, the China Youth Development Foundation, and other famous charity organizations in China.


  • What is the amount of donations raised by Spring Foundation? Where do the donations eventually go?


  • Since 2011, Spring Foundation has raised nearly 200,000 RMB to support young people who live in the rural area of China and lack of family support.