Our Stories

Spring Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by a group of passionate students in 2011 at UC Berkeley. Holding on to our core values ‘Family, Passion, Promise and Empowerment’, we dedicate ourselves to improving the living standards and education accessibilities of underprivileged, orphaned children in rural China. Through fundraisers, on-campus projects and summer visits to our sponsored children, we empower them with knowledge, trust and confidence to have a bright future.

In Fall 2011, 6 passionate students from diverse backgrounds met up to discuss how to make a difference during their short 4-year study at Berkeley. They were students in Economics, in Computer Science, in Business Administration and other majors, but they all shared a keen concern for the underprivileged children in rural China. Through research and heated debate on how to best leverage our limited resources, Spring Foundation was conceived as, and still is today, the only student organization in Berkeley dedicated to supporting left-behind, orphaned children in rural China.


Over the years, we have grown into a larger organization with a size of about 25 active members and an alumni network of 98. Our members come from diverse academic disciplines and cultural backgrounds. We share the deep conviction that we should use our knowledge and platform to serve children who cannot voice for themselves.

Our Values


We try to create a sense of belonging and build a cordial home for every member. We support each other in work, in study, and in personal life.


The primary force driving Spring Foundation comes from the passion every member shares for philanthropy and our love for children. With such determination, we proceed forward fearlessly.


We make and value the promise of shouldering social responsibility and helping children in need.


When we help the children, they also help us improve and gain new skills. Philanthropy is mutual assistance instead of salvation for others. We grow and thrive with the children together.

Our Team

Spring Foundation has a flat structure in which there are only presidents and general members. Besides the Finance Team and Internal Team, there are no fixed committee. Each member can join different project teams and take on leaderships.

Siyi kelly Wu



Siyi serves as the president of Spring Foundation in the year 2018-2019. Siyi is currently a sophomore at UC Berkeley pursuing dual degrees in Economics and Data Science, with minor in Theater. With her passion for public service and education, Siyi joined Spring two years ago and organized several events including the annual Charity Dinner, Spring Summer Camp and so on with her colleagues. In her leisure time, Siyi loves food blogging, visiting museums and listening to Japanese rock.


Qiulin Janine Zhu

Vice President


Janine serves as the vice president of Spring Foundation in Year 2019-2020. Janine is currently a second-year Molecular and Cell Biology major at UC Berkeley. After joining Spring Foundation, Janine has realized that she could help underprivileged children not only by curing diseases with advanced biotechnology but also through knowledge and education. Janine believes she needs to give back the privileges she has enjoyed throughout her childhood to the community and society.


Finance Team

Internally, finance team is in charge of budgeting for projects and estimating profits. Externally, the Finance Team applies for club fundings for Spring Foundation and reimburse from ASUC. It also serves as Spring Foundation’s primary contact, signatory, manages our storage and other logistical matters.


Internal Team

Internal team aims to promote the bonding within the club by organizing mentorship programs, workshops, banquet and retreats.

Project Teams

Each project has its individual team with divisions including programming, marketing, logistics. All springers have the chance to work in different project teams and assume different roles.